Our TINY NOTES BOOK  + POLAROID is a keepsake album filled with TINY envelopes made for a note and a spot for an accompanying *Polaroid photo.. 

Guests take a *Polaroid picture of themselves, place it on the page, write a tiny note to the guest(s) of honor on the tiny letterhead, fold it, put it into the tiny envelope and seal it with a heart. The TINY NOTES BOOK + POLAROID can be packed up at the end of the event so that the pictures and notes can be read later. 

TINYNOTES + Polaroid
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  • An archival book with a linen cover

  • 7 cream colored pages filled with 56 white, tiny envelopes + stamp for Polaroid placement (4 per page)

  • Our uniquely tiny letterhead paper that fits perfectly in the tiny envelopes

  • Gold glitter heart stickers for sealing notes

  • Lidon Rollerball Pen

*IMPORTANT NOTE:  You will provide the instant camera + film.  We suggest the Polaroid 300 with the PIF300 film or the Fuji Instax Mini with .Fuji Instax Mini film. The size of those prints fit our designated Polaroid spot in the book. Other sizes will be too large.