We are two quirky, creative sisters surrounded by an amazing team of women who sit around coming up with crazy ideas and then figuring out how to make them work.

The team at FUNBOX by Craven + Co. specializes in creating interactive elements that make parties (and life!) more fun. FUNBOX is a collection of turnkey elements that elevate the smallest get-together, milestone event or simply your daily routine. 

Craven + Co. has been producing + designing events for over two decades.

Events are a game of pouring your heart into something beautiful and fun, setting it up and then packing it all up the next day. We found ourselves missing some of the elements we'd developed for certain clients once we'd finished the event. 


We found a way to give those favorites a new life: we distilled our favorites into a format that can be shipped directly to you with all of the tools you need to execute it flawlessly . . . without having to have an event producer involved. It allows you to add something to your personally orchestrated event that kicks it up a notch. 

We hope you enjoy your FUNBOX as much as we enjoyed creating it.